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Discover Your Strength

This has been a tough year for many of us but that does not mean we should give in to it.  It’s time to fight back and remind ourselves what makes us strong and beautiful.  I photographed 6 women who shared where they find their strength.

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Fight Back Female Empowerment

Fighting Back

I’ve been a fighter all my life.  Anytime someone said I couldn’t do something, I found a way to prove them wrong.  After this election, I felt completely weak.  Like…

Hitchcock’s “The Birds” Inspired Photoshoot

“The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture.” Alfred Hitchcock I absolutely adore everything about “The Birds” (and well everything that Hitchcock did). So when my client, Cheryl, came…

How to Create a Dress with Champagne & Pins II

Back at it again with another Behind the Scenes video of how I create dresses with safety pins.  What was interesting about this design was that it was the first time…

My favorite retro pants & capris!

I always get messages and comments from you dolls on where to find retro style pants and capris for curvy shapes and now I am here to deliver! The great…

The Woman behind Coco Haus

I’ve been photographing beautiful women for over a decade. I believe a good heart makes a person beautiful. I see beauty in everything from the smallest details to the greatest stories. Having studied art, fashion and photography, I take my inspiration from vintage movies and love to play with light to bring out different sides of my clients. Every shoot is customized, allowing them to try something new and exciting in a safe and supportive environment.  I use every tool in my belt to capture stunning photos, create unforgettable sessions and make my clients happy.  I’m the photographer who rolls on the ground to get the right angle, the designer who pins a gown from a simple satin sheet, and the professional who’s not afraid of trying something new or getting a little dirty for the perfect shot.


Andrea Hausmann

Boudoir & Glamour Photographer