Finding Yourself in Nature

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Finding Yourself in a Nature Photoshoot

5 Reasons Why a Desert Photoshoot Might be Just What you Need

Indian woman in metallic dress in a field of golden grass.

I don’t know about you, but living in LA can sometimes feel suffocating and a day outside of the city is just what is needed to recharge.  To be out where there is perfect silence, the air is fresh and you can really stretch out.  If that sounds like you, here’s what to expect when planning a desert photoshoot.

5. Be prepared for an adventure

Outdoor photoshoots can be a little like this saying: “Man plans & God laughs.” Even though we’re in California and the weather is pretty consistent, you know getting the perfect temperature & wind factor is never a guarantee.  But being the adventure loving, problem solving, bad ass babe that I am, nothing will stop me from getting amazing photos.  It does mean that we’ll be going off the beaten path and that does require getting a little dirty along the way.

Woman in black sequin dress stretched out on a red rock.

4. Escape from your life… for just a day

There’s something about getting out of the city that releases all the stress in your body.  To leave all the concrete behind and take a moment to breath deep.  It’s amazing how everyone’s mood gets lifted when their feet touch a dirt road and the air is fresh.  There are no expectations of who you’re supposed to be, you can just live in the moment.

Indian woman in metallic dress in a field of golden grass.

3. Push your limits

We live “comfortable” lives in the city and we often forget how tough we really are. But when you’re in the wild and you’re stepping barefoot over rocks and posing in mountain caves, you’re reminded how strong you really are.  This is not the photoshoot style you want if you’re in the mood to be perfectly spoiled.  This is the shoot for the woman who wants to own their strength and loves the idea of a challenge.  

Indian woman in blue sari on the top of a mountain.

2. Create some awesome wall art

Why have basic art that has has no sentimentally when you can have art that celebrates your beauty and your success?  It’s not vain to love your life and be proud of what you’ve done with it.  Why not have a silhouette of yourself in a gorgeous gown flowing off the top of a mountain? Show your friends and family that you are important by valuing yourself with an art piece that demands they take notice.

Indian woman in blue sari on the top of a mountain.

1. Be part of an unforgettable experience

“What did you do on the weekend?” “Oh, I just went to the desert where the original Star Trek was filmed and spent the day being photographed in gorgeous gowns on the mountain top.”  You know, the usual weekend plans.  How do you want to spend your next day off?

If you’re ready to be living life instead of just going through it and this style of photoshoot interests you, send me a message!  Remember, all consultations are complimentary and it never hurts to ask a question.

P.S. Shooting by the ocean can be equally amazing.

Indian woman in a sequin dress walking out of the ocean on the beach.
Wet Indian woman in sequin dresses on the beach.

model: Ulka Simone Mohanty