What to expect in a Photoshoot Reveal

What to expect in a Photoshoot Reveal 1333 2000 COCO HAUS

What to expect in a Photoshoot Reveal

Make-over photography is my business but it’s also my passion. I hate when I see a woman down play their looks or not even realize how beautiful they are to a stranger. It breaks my heart every time I hear someone say, “If I was pretty (sexy, cute, etc), I could …..” Thanks to social media, celebrity & influencer beauty comparisons is at an all time high. No celebrity on a magazine cover, or Instagram model in a post, actually looks like that in real life. It is the result of a full team of hair & make-up, perfect lighting, stylists and a fabulous photographer.

What does this have to do with my photoshoot reveals? Let me tell you.

I want to give every client the celebrity treatment. I want to take out the stress of making every decision by yourself. I’m here to guide you to create the most beautiful photo series that will stand the test of time. I want your final photo selection to be the kind that will easily be found in pages of Harper’s Bazaar and make you excited to be you. I want the entire focus to be on you.

The day of your reveal

Approximately 10 days after your photoshoot, you will come by my studio space for your photo reveal (or we can do it virtually if you’re out of town). The best images (between 30-40 – depending on your package) from your photoshoot will be shown on a screen for you to make your selection from. Why not show every photo? Well, do you think a celebrity has the time to go through each image with a fine tooth comb? No! They trust the people they hire to present them with the absolute best for them to make their selection from. I like to choose a variety of expressions and poses that are flattering and may even show a different side of yourself that you’re not used to seeing. My entire goal is to show you how beautiful you are to me and the rest of the world.

Here’s an example

Here’s a real life example of a boudoir & glamour photoshoot I did. This mom of two wanted photos for her partner that were her every day, t-shirt and cowboy boots. For the other looks she loved the idea of bohemian glamour but you know which were her favorite photos? The white thigh high go-go boots & gold bunny ears. That final look wasn’t what she initially thought she would do but by being open to seeing where the wind would take her, she was able to play and try something different.

Print, print, print!

I get asked for digitals-only all the time. I get it, the idea of prints sounds expensive. But you know what’s even more expensive? Losing all your images. Computers & devices upgrade or disappear and all the memories we’ve collected over the years go with them. The only way to save your images is to have them printed. Once you make your final selection, this is the perfect moment to add wall art and album. The trend in modern art exhibits is acrylics and the moment you see them you know why. The colors just pop and your photo is turned into a show stopping piece of art. And albums these days no longer look like our childhood albums. They come in a variety of covers and gilded finishes. Here some examples of prints that you can add-on to your package: https://www.cocohausproductions.com/products-pricing/

I’m not for everyone

Not everyone likes this process. That’s totally fine. Some people like to spend 4 hours going through 1200 raw images with a fine tooth comb to analyze every “flaw”. That’s totally fine but that is not the service I provide. I want the focus of my photoshoot experience to be about celebrating the best of you. I want to do the heavy lifting of filtering out the unflattering images. I wish I had that service when I do my self portraits because no matter how confident I am in myself, seeing too many double chins in weird pose attempts can hurt anyone’s ego.

You deserve to be celebrated

It is not vain to want beautiful photos of yourself. It is not vain to want beautiful photos of yourself. I don’t care how many times I need to repeat this sentiment: It is not vain to want beautiful photos of yourself. There is this ridiculous idea out there that wanting to celebrate yourself makes you a superficial person. Well that is some b*llsh*t. It is not a bad thing to be wanted to be treated well and take your moment in the spotlight. It is a beautiful thing to celebrate yourself and have photos of yourself around your home.

Want a sexy photo of yourself on the wall but don’t want anyone to recognize you? I have so many different ways we can make you look anonymous in the photo. But when it comes to giving a photo gift to a loved one, I promise you they want to see your face and know it’s you.

Immediate satisfaction

Once you’ve made you photo selection and your product order during your reveal, you’ll receive your images in a downloadable gallery within an hour. How great is that? No waiting for retouching, it’s already all been done! Isn’t it great knowing that you’ll receive your photos so soon after your photoshoot?

Have any questions? Let’s set up a call & I can answer them!

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