What is Bridal Boudoir?

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What is Bridal Boudoir?

Isn’t Boudoir just lingerie photos?

Well if you work with the wrong photographer, it absolutely can be just lingerie photos.  But if you take the time to work with someone that shares your vision and your trust, it can be so much more.  It can be an empowering experience that will make you look at yourself in a whole new light.

So how is Bridal Boudoir different from a regular Boudoir photoshoot?

The way I see it, I make sure my Boudoir photoshoot is all about making my model feel amazing and rediscovering her sexy side.  It’s all about them falling back in love with their body and soul.  Sometimes the model shares their photos with a partner or their friends although the main purpose is for her to do the photoshoot to make herself happy.

Bridal Boudoir is all about photos that represent the relationship.  It takes into consideration what the model wants but also what their partner wants.  Maybe you’re feeling extra romantic, maybe you’re feeling extra naughty; modern, vintage, every partnership has their own style and we want your Bridal Boudoir photoshoot to represent what feels true to you.

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