Virtual Photoshoot Experiences

When lockdown life becomes

a little too real, it’s time to go Virtual

Just ‘cuz we’re staying safe, doesn’t mean you can’t

Find Your Sexy Again…

[in your own home]

[or maybe it’s time we should]

Get Creative

[however you’re feeling]

Let’s Create Something Special

However you want to express yourself, let me be your virtual guide.  We’ll start off with a zoom call where we can discuss concepts & you can give me a mini tour of your home.  You don’t need a fancy space to create something amazing, as long as you have window light or a ring light, anything is possible.

The day of your virtual photoshoot, let me direct you through a zoom call to get your optimum angles and get you photos that will showcase how amazing you are.

Whether you’re single or stuck in a crowded home, we’ll carve out a space that’s all about you.  It’s time to reconnect with yourself and feel that amazing confidence running through your veins.

It’s time to play in front of my virtual lens.

Virtual Photoshoot Package  $199

  • 20 minute Virtual Consultation
  • 40 minute Virtual Photoshoot
  • 2 Outfit Changes
  • Wardrobe Guide
  • Available to Anyone Around the World
  • 10 Edited Photos Selected by Andrea Hausmann

The Virtual Photoshoot Process

[how it works]

Once you book your session, we’ll get on a virtual call so you can give me a tour of your place at the same approximate time we’ll be shooting at.  It may be super obvious the perfect spot for the shoot or you may have to clear a table so you can lay on it.  Don’t worry about having a perfectly clean home, we just need a small section to take your photo.

You don’t need a fancy tripod, you can easily rest your webcam or camera phone on books or prop it against wine bottles. 😉  All you need is natural light or a ring light and the photos will be perfect.  The quality of the images is reliant on the internet connection and the quality of your camera.  That being said, this is not supposed to replace an in person photoshoot, but it will give you that amazing confident boost.

When it comes to styling, anything is possible.  My angelic photoshoot featured above with Kerosene Deluxe is an outfit made of saran wrap with a ring light behind her head.  The colourful paint photographs with Jacq the Stripper is just an old lingerie set with tempera paint squeeze bottles.  Christelle Souverbie with lovely pink hair is wearing a basic black cotton wrap dress.  Trust me, show me your space & what you have to work with and I will guide you into creating some magic.

During the shoot, I will guide you into the right pose and help you make sure your outfit is on point.  I take screenshots while on a zoom call with you and then choose the best images from the session.  I do light retouching to make sure you look stunning and I offer a film strip border option that you can add on.  You’ll receive your finalized images within 5 days of your shoot.

And you know what the best part of all this process? You’re not stuck taking selfies alone & you now have an excuse to dress-up.  Plus you can drink all that bubbly without having to drive home.  Can it get any better than that? 😉

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