Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day 635 445 COCO HAUS

I have a love hate relationship with valentine’s day.  I love hearts, roses, the idea of romance, delicious food, wine, and chocolate.  I love the idea of dressing up and feeling fabulous for yourself.  But I hate the idea that you need to be in a relationship to enjoy a little love.

I say treat yourself to a fabulous weekend of self indulgence! Here’s my guide to a weekend of Self Love.


I have small hands but I love making big gestures with them.  When my nails are done right, I’m more likely to  reach out to people. I’ve never been a huge fan of my feet but with each pedi-cure i get, I love them a little bit more.  I love feeling polished from head to toe, it makes me feel like my life is perfect as my shiny polish.

Go to the Spa

Korean, Swedish, whatever style of spa that you like, treating your skin and body to some refreshment will not only help you glow on the outside, it will help you glow on the inside. Go for a scrub and and leave your baggage behind.  Treat your skin (and yourself) to a fresh start.

Picnic at Home

Throw your faux-fur blanket on the ground with every fuzzy pillow you have and set the mood for a calming afternoon of relaxation.  Berries, cheese and a lovely port, relax with a friend or do it alone and think about how amazingly free you are.  Play your favorite cheesy movie and remember you don’t need to compromise for anyone.


Naughty Night Out

I love Burlesque because not only does to celebrate the sensuality of women of all sizes, the costumes are always fabulous. It’s easy to find a fantastic show around your city but if you’re in LA and just want a quick peak for some fantastic performances, visit Pour Vous on Saturday night.  You can’t tell on the outside how fabulous this place is, but from within, it has a vintage Parisian club feel.  Sexy and seductive, their drinks are as fabulous as the crepes they make.

Wake up to Champagne and Cupcakes

Let us eat cake.  Remember how excited you were to grow up when you were kid because you got to make your own rules? Well now is your chance!  Eat something naughty and remember you rule the roost.  Indulging on sweet cakes and mimosas is my favorite way of starting the day.

Slip into Something Silky

You have to undress yourself every day, why shouldn’t you treat your body to something extra special?  We’re so focused on the outside, but it’s important to remember the pieces that are closest to our skin.  I say buy new underwear! Why hold onto these old items from the past? Time for fresh panties! Sleep in satin and silk and you’ll feel like a boudoir pin-up every time you wake.

Confidence Boosting Photoshoot

And of course I have to add doing a sexy, confidence boosting photoshoot.  We too often think our future selves will be better than todays, but I say love yourself now.  The more we appreciate ourselves in the moment, the better the decisions we will make and the happier your future will become.

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball