My three look rule for the perfect photoshoot

My three look rule for the perfect photoshoot 2000 1333 COCO HAUS

My three look rule for the perfect photoshoot

You’ve been thinking about your dream photoshoot for awhile and the day is finally coming up but now you’re panicking because you don’t know what to wear.  Did you choose the right outfits? Are your looks too out there? Or too boring?  This is a very familiar problem many of my clients go through right before their photoshoot; you’re not alone.  I have helped curate outfits for thousands of photoshoots over the years and have come up with an amazing formula that will put your mind at ease.  If you follow my three look rule, your photoshoot will be everything you need it to be.

Look 1: The reason you booked your photoshoot

Whether your initial intention was a boudoir, branding or revenge photoshoot, we need to make sure we knock this look out of the park.  This is the look that we need to focus on and spend the most time perfecting.  Bring your favorite outfit, as well as back-ups, so we can make sure you have lots of options in your final reveal. Why back-ups? Some clothes look amazing in person but don’t photograph as well.  But fear not, I have a lot of little cheats and tricks that can help make a so-so outfit absolutely stunning in a photo. I won’t let you go home until this look reaches all your goals.

What makes a perfect outfit? Something that flatters your body, represents your style and makes you feel confident the moment you put it on.

Look 2: A photo for your family & friends

You’re going to want to show off your photos to family and friends and sometimes look #1 isn’t that.  Most of my clients want to share classic photos where they not only look beautiful but also timeless.  A lot of my clients love the Vanity Fair inspired ballgown style to gift the prints to their parents. It’s not every day that you get to play dress-up, let’s make the most of it!  The best part is you don’t need to go shopping for it, I can create this look for you to wear.  Not into ballgowns? Not to worry, I have a long list of outfit suggestions that we can create that will give you the classic look you’re looking for.

The biggest outfit no-no: Anything that’s too tight on your bust that cannot be solved by unzipping the back. Popping buttons is not professional or sexy in a photo.

Look 3: Time to get a little risky

Now that we’ve accomplished your main goal, and you have something to share with the most important people in your life, let’s have a little fun… I always recommend a look that pushes your boundaries for the simple reason that life is boring if you play it safe all the time.  For some this means a look inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s nude in white bedsheets, for other’s it’s a full black lace lingerie set.  Want to explore your creative side instead? Let’s create a memorable beauty look inspired by Marie Antoinette with a headpiece of flowers and wrap your neck in jewels. You’ve earned a little fun in your life, now’s your moment to truly play without judgement or limits in creativity.

I will never say that there’s one dress or outfit that fits all because I don’t believe in cookie cutter beauty or fashion.  We’re here to bring out your uniqueness so that you will shine in your photos as you do in your life.

The most important thing to remember is that as much as it’s important to bring outfit options, coming in with an open mind and an excited attitude is the sure fire way to create beautiful photos.  And if for some reason you decide you hate everything that you brought, I have enough accessories, back-up outfit options and fabric to create some amazing looks.

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” – Judy Garland