Why you need a revenge Photoshoot

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Why you need a revenge Photoshoot

A revenge photoshoot is all about living your best life and leaving your haters in your dust.  It’s about having fun and showing you don’t give a f*ck (even if you kinda do).  It’s about saying to the world that you are strong and no bump in the road is going to take you down. It’s a way of showing yourself that you are fabulous and sexy and in control of your life. It’s about remembering that you’re a fierce storm, and you pity the fool that gets in your way.  It’s self love and acceptance of your wild, brave side.

What makes a perfect revenge photoshoot?

Anything that gets you excited, giggly and happy.  That can be something sexy, creative, wild, whatever inspires you.  What makes the perfect revenge photo? Something that shows a hint of skin (we all have different comfort levels), your face looks amazing, and shows your personality.  The reason why I think it’s important to show your face is because it shows you’re not hiding.  I want you to be the best you, so I want to emphasize what makes you special. And a little skin, well that shows you’re bold.  You don’t want to give it all away, you just want to tease it.

To finish off your revenge photoshoot I recommend creating a very naughty look.  You can tease it, you can show it privately, it’s about you saying f*ck it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here’s my FB live talking about revenge photoshoots.  I’m getting more and more used to doing these videos, although I still feel shy and a little fumbling.  It’s my goal this year to do one every week in the hopes of conquering my fear of public speaking. 

Remember, the sweetest revenge is success and happiness.

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