Personal Branding for the Creative

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Personal Branding

for the Creative

When it comes to presenting you and your business to the world, it’s important to have striking photos that make a person stop and think: “Who’s this? I need to know more.” 

When you have an unconventional creative job, like tattoo artist, you need your photos to scream professional, edgy, unique, and that you really know you sh*t.

Times are a changing.

It’s time to buck the old school thinking that you need one nice headshot for your website or profile. Sure, that works if you’ve been in the same position for the last 20 years and have no interest in bringing in new clients to your business.  But if you want to look like you keep up with current trends as well as taking yourself and your work seriously, you need photos to reflect that.

Whether you like it or not, your presence on Social Media is incredibly important and your image matters.  You may say, “But Andrea, I keep my pages private,” and my response to you is this: “Do you still want your friends and family to still see you as that college girl that never grew up? Or do you want them to realize you’ve mastered your life and you go after what you want?”

It’s especially important to have strong photos when you’re doing an unconventional job.  How many times have I heard a person ask a fellow artist “How do you really make money?” or “When will you get serious and get a real job?”  First off, I’m sorry that these poor souls don’t realize that creating art is a job.  Secondly, I always encourage my fellow artists to have profile photos that say that they’re in charge and in control.  They work for a living and just because it doesn’t meet everyone else’s criteria of a “real job,” they still get paid real money to do it.

So I ask you this: Why is your profile picture  still a bathroom selfie?

Turning your life into art.

Just because you’re making money moves, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create some amazing art while you’re at it.  I mean you’ve got the photographer (hi there!), the beauty team, the time, why not?  As a Libra (yes I went there), I’m a big believer in finding the perfect balance between work and play.  Because if we don’t find the joy in life, then what’s the point of it all?

So when in Rome…

A big thank you to the wonderful Christelle Souverbie for booking me for this wonderful Personal Branding photoshoot and allowing me to share the rain photos.  Even though I’ve worked with Christelle for years and years in Montreal, she was still nervous about how the rain room photos would turn out.  Needless to say, they are spectacular!  It just goes to show you that no matter how much experience you have in front of and behind the camera, everyone gets nervous.  But never fear, I won’t end a photoshoot until I’m a 100% sure that I have all the photos I need and that they will blow your mind.

To see more of Christelle and her amazing tattoo work:

Happy Creating!