The Bond between Mother & Daughter

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The Bond between Mother & Daughter

Mother daughter posing together in a glamour photoshoot.

A photoshoot for the memory books…

I loved photographing Lola & Robin for their mother daughter photoshoot. There’s something about their bond that’s so beautiful. My wish was to create images that they would hold onto forever. And that the day of dress-up and play becomes an unforgettable memory that they can laugh about in the years to come.

Dolled up to the max, I photographed Lola in some of her favorite dancer poses and Robin in full glamour. We started in studio but then explored other surrounding areas to create a range of looks. I can’t wait to see them display these beautiful images in their home as celebration of their very special mother-daughter connection.

Photoshoot of young woman standing in front of  window in a black ballet skirt.
Photoshoot of young woman ballerina posing in a pink tutu in an alley way.

One of my favorite things about this photoshoot is how we were able to incorporate Lola’s love of dancing. Although we strayed from typical ballet attire, I think the wardrobe I picked for her added an edge to her photos. It gives the photoshoot more of a fashion editorial feel and could absolutely be printed in a magazine. I didn’t want the photoshoot to look too stuffy or old, I wanted the photos to look modern and fresh. And I definitely feel like we achieved that goal.

Daughter in a ballet pose with natural light photoshoot.
Photoshoot of daughter in a fuzzy pink jacket and ballet shoes.

It was also great for Lola to see her mom glammed up and taking her place in the spotlight. It’s so easy to just see mom as mom, it’s another thing to see her as a beautiful woman stepping into her light. This added a little extra glue to their mother-daughter bonding photoshoot experience.

Photoshoot of mother wearing a gold sequin skirt and white top standing in front of window.

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“There is nothing as powerful as a mother’s love, and nothing as healing as a child’s soul.”

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