Hi! I’m Andrea, your Confidence Boosting Photographer

My name is Andrea Hausmann and I’ve been photographing beautiful women for over 15 years.  Working in both Los Angeles & Montreal, Coco Haus Productions is the continuation of Andrea Hausmann Photography, a company that is all about making the photoshoot process more than just a shoot, but an experience to remember.

I like my coffee black, my scotch smokey and my champagne pink. I see beauty in the smallest details and I think a good heart creates a beautiful person.  I like running in heels and wearing a dress that floats in the breeze. I love a challenge and I want to learn something new everyday.

Having studied art, fashion and photography, I use every tool in my belt to make my photos beautiful, my session experiences unforgettable and my clients happy.  I’m the photographer that rolls on the ground to get the right angle, the designer that can create a beautiful gown from a satin sheet and pins, and the professional who’s not afraid of getting a little dirty to get the perfect shot.

I can’t wait to hear your story and what inspires you in your life! To set-up a complimentary consultation:

Red head in leather gloves