Fresh Skin for a Fresh Spring

Fresh Skin for a Fresh Spring

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I have this philosophy that if you complain about something for a decent amount of time, you either need to fix it, change it or stop complaining.  My go to complaint about myself recently is that my skin feels too dry and I’m starting to feel beyond my years.  Moving to LA, I’m not used to the water here as well as the extra sun. When I’m feeling dull, tired and just blah, I make sure that I put on a face-mask.  Not only does it make me feel like I’m doing something pro-active, I feel so refreshed afterwards.  If I have plans and I don’t want to go, a quick face mask does wonders for my self esteem and the urge to meet people.

And when you have an upcoming photoshoot and you want to be on your top game, a thick coat of mud followed by the most delicious smelling moisturizing treatment, can make you feel ready for anything.  It also is the perfect way to prime your face for the make-up artist.  Skin care is a very important part of my daily routine and even more so when I’m planning to be in front of the camera.  I’ve never been a thick foundation girl, I rather keep my skin glowing on the everyday.  No matter what your love level is with the current state of your skin, I always recommend weekly at home facials. You may not want to turn back the clock on your looks, but you definitely don’t want to be in a race to the finish line.  And the products you used when you’re younger, won’t always hold up now.  Between diet, hormones and life changes, you always need to keep your skin care regime up to date.

My favorite masks to use have been from Glamglow, because they cover all my bases.  From anti-aging, to exfoliating, to moisturizing treatments, there’s something for everyone.  I have extremely sensitive skin and I’ve never had an issue with their products.  That being said, Sephora gives out free samples, which is a perfect way to double check before investing.  I think having great skin is so much more important than a designer purse or shoes.  Your face is the first thing your show the world and what you see the mirror every morning.

But it’s not all about what you put on your face, it’s what you put in your body as well. I had a facialist that could always tell what my diet had been by looking closely at my skin.  I have to be careful with what I eat because not only can it make me physically ill, it can also give me bad skin.  My biggest advice is not to overdue anything and drink lots of water.  As much as cheese and chocolate are delicious, it’ll definitely pop up on your face.  The more you hydrate and eat clean, the better your skin is going to look.  I think prevention of skin care issues is much better than trying to fix it after.

Your stuck with your skin your whole life and if you treat it right, it will treat you right.  You’re worth the best, you should treat your face like it, too. Find the right routine for you and see how beautiful you will feel everyday.  You’ll be surprised how a little maintenance can go a long way.