We love Questions!

Let us answer all the questions you have about our photoshoot experiences.

Q. Where does the name COCO HAUS come from?

A. COCO was Andrea’s nickname in college, and HAUS is an abbreviation of Hausmann

Q. Do you work with the LGTBQ community?

A. Of course! This is a judgement free zone, please let me know the pronouns you prefer. 

Q. Do you support the Blacks Lives Matter movement?

A. Absolutely! I think this is a very important movement. 

Q. What Covid-19 safety precautions do you have in place?

A. We’re taking Covid-19 very seriously, please see SAFETY MEASURES for full details.

Q. I’m a private person, I don’t want my photos shared….

A. Not a problem!  We at COCO HAUS respect your privacy and we’ll keep all your photos private.  The only clients shown on our website have given us written permission.

Q. I want to do a photoshoot but I’m a little lost about what to do, help?

A. Not to worry, that’s what a virtual photoshoot consultation is for! I will ask you a few questions and guide you into the right photoshoot for you.

Q. What should I do about hair & make-up?

A. Since Covid-19, hair & make-up is not automatically included in my packages.  If you would like to work with a beauty team, I can make arrangements.  If you prefer to do it yourself but need some guidance, I can virtually introduce you to beauty specialists in both LA & Montreal that can best guide you.  They can give you shopping lists, colour palette suggestions and virtual lessons.  Please ask for details.

Q. Do you photograph nudes?

A. I photograph tasteful nudes.

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

A. Definitely!  Let’s talk about the right plan for you.

Q. I want to wear a beautiful gown in my photoshoot, do you provide them?

A. I had to restart my collection of gowns, please ask to see what is available and I can always pin one together from scratch.  Let’s talk about what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen. 

Q. I have no modeling experience, will you guide me during the photoshoot?

A. Absolutely, yes!  The majority of women who come in have no modeling experience, it’s our job to make you feel comfortable and guide you into your poses.

Q. I’m not at my ideal weight, should I wait to book my photoshoot?

A. No way! We are all struggling with our bodies and waiting won’t make it better.  Love yourself now and you’ll be surprised by the positive changes that will happen in your life.  Also, I’m the queen of photoshop, and smoothing out curves.

Q. How much photoshop is done on a photo?

A. I generally remove the 10lbs the camera adds.  If you have specific worry areas, please let me know.  The goal is never to make you look unrecognizable, just to create the best version of you. And it goes without saying that any unwanted stretch marks or cellulite will be removed.

Q. I prefer my photo to look more natural, is that possible?

A. Of course! You can discuss with us how much photoshop you feel comfortable with as well as the right amount of hair & make-up.  

Q. Do you give un-retouched images?

A. No. I’m an artist and part of the process of creating the final work is a touch of photoshop, whether that is cleaning up the background or getting the model to pop in the image

Q. Do you photograph men?

A. Yes, but only portraiture.  I don’t do boudoir for men.

Q. How much do you charge an hour?

A. That’s something I no longer do. Why? Because after 15 years of taking photographs, I realized that every person needs a different amount of time to get comfortable and for me to get the perfect photos. Why should a person be punished because they’re having a bad day and need more time to sip champagne before getting in font of the camera?

Q. I have a scar that I don’t want to see in my photos, can you remove it?

A.  Absolutely!  I leave it up to the discretion of my clients if they want to keep scars or tattoos, or have them removed in photoshop. Many of my clients have gone through either sickness or serious injuries and it’s my job to make them feel confident and beautiful in their photos.  This is a no judgement zone.
For tattoos, there may be an extra charge depending on the size and position of the design.