How to Create a Dress with Champagne & Pins

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How to Create a Dress with Champagne & Pins

How many times have you gone shopping and were unable to find an outfit that was quite right?  How many times have you found the perfect silhouette but is just the wrong color? And when it comes to a special photoshoot that you’ve spent time planning, don’t you you want something that is unique to you while still making you look like a million dollars? Well, when you work with me at Coco Haus, you’re in luck!

Classic Portrait in a Custom Dress

Finding the perfect dress for a glamour photoshoot can be tricky.  You need a dress that both fits right, feels right while still looking great on camera.  For my clients, I like to create something custom so that their photos will be as unique as their spirit.

Here’s the behind the scenes video of how the dress above was created.

I’m offering an amazing new feature to all my clients where I can custom pin a gown for you on the spot.  In one of my past lives I studied fashion design and I love creating things with my hands.  I’m super inspired by texture and patterns and love creating these one of a kind gowns.

Classic Portrait in a Custom Dress

Have a dream dress in mind? Let’s set up a time to chat over champagne to make your idea a reality. Being near LA’s amazing fashion district, I have thousands of different fabrics available to me.  From flowing ball gown to a dramatic mermaid dress, the sky is the limit for what I can design for you.

Classic Portrait in a Custom Dress

What’s amazing about these unique photoshoots is that they’re built around a dream you have of wearing a gown that turns heads, that cannot be found in stores, that no one else could wear as well as you. It’s made for you, and only you. And as an added bonus you’ll have gorgeous photos to show off to your friends and family.  😉

Classic Portrait

“I dress to kill, but tastefully.” – Freddie Mercury

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