My Big Los Angeles Move

My Big Los Angeles Move

My Big Los Angeles Move 1900 1080 COCO HAUS

I’ve been talking about moving to L.A. for the last 2 years now and I’m beyond excited that I’m here.  I sacrificed one life for the dream of another.  Some friends followed me on this journey, most did not.  For over a year I gave up everything that put a bounce in my step and inspired me on a creative level.  For a year I ignored negative comments, pushed against “realistic” notions and crashed through walls of what was expected of me.  I left Montreal with nothing but my clothes and my camera equipment and some crazy memories.   I’ve let go of out dated ideas of who people expect me to be, and closed minded concepts of what a photographer is.

I fell in Love with L.A. on my first trip out here when I realized that anything can happen, that you can transform your life to be what you want it to be.  If you have an open mind, a willing spirit and a big heart, the amount of opportunity available here is boundless.  Between the sun, the characters, and the creative nature of the city, everything I can dream of can happen.  I love that I can wake up early for a hike, work all day, dip my toes into the ocean at sunset and throw on my sequins at night.  I love that I’m greeted with the warmest of hellos and find like minded spirits on the regular.  I love that my work ethic and ambition is greeted with a hoorah!  That I don’t have to apologize for me being me.

I want to share this rejuvenated energy with my friends and clients.  When you think you’ve hit the bottom in your life, when you push that seemingly unmovable wall that casts shade on your day, I want you to remember that it can all change in a blink of an eye.  With one yes, or sometimes one no, you can decide to have a better future.  When you decide that you’re more important than the drama that holds you down, when you decide that the rules you’ve made up for yourself and the world you live in don’t matter, things do get better.  The scars that I’ve earned are my tiger stripes and I would not give them up for all the cotton candy in the world.

I end this post with my favorite quote:

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo

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