Beauty in the Forest: A Socially Distanced Photoshoot Experience

Beauty in the Forest: A Socially Distanced Photoshoot Experience 1500 1001 COCO HAUS

Beauty in the Forest: A Post-Covid Photoshoot Experience

A big thank you to Tracey for sharing her photoshoot experience in the following post.

“From the moment I stepped out of the car, arriving at the camp grounds in the woods in Vaudreuil, and Andrea uncovered her beautiful golden settee sitting in the dappled sunlight of the forest, I knew we were going to have a fun time.

It wasn’t my first time sitting for her.

This instance, however, due to the rigorous restrains of these Pandemic Times, I knew a few things in advance, outlined in the Covid-19 waiver I signed before coming. This time, I did my own hair and makeup. And her amazingly large photo lens made it possible for us to remain distant from each other. She was easily more than twenty feet away from me while she worked, masked the whole while. She has always been extra in the best possible ways.

mother daughter in pool

My pre-teen daughter hung around to watch Andrea make her magic. She looked on as I moved from here to there… photos with a hat, and then without… how about we try some reclining… turn your head this way, please… that’s perfect.

You look beautiful, she said. And I tried my best to feel it.

I changed outfits a few times, and my daughter’s eyes went round as I was nearly naked in the woods like that, but I assured her this was part of what we were doing today, and not another living soul was in the vicinity, I promised. And honestly, it felt a bit daring, in a fun kind of way.


Andrea is an extremely likeable person, and our exchanges have always been easy and seamless. We chatted as the shutter clicked over and over again, catching up on how our lives have been these days, and all the changes we’ve had to make… we talked about the good parts and heartbreaking parts, all of it, while she gently positioned me here and there, or had me walk out into sunlit spots, lush with ferns underfoot.

All we did was talk, really.

And when we were done, we did not hug each other as we normally would have, but it was still good. Delightful. Connected. Andrea has a way of making anyone feel entirely comfortable and completely at home. Even in the woods.

Later at home, my daughter said, “You did great today, mummy, “ and I smiled at her, glad she’d had a pleasant afternoon. And glad she got to watch how women work. And hold each other up. To watch the process, and to be proud.

woman in forest

Days later, Andrea and I connected via Zoom to go through the best sets of images, trying to pare them down to the ones for keeping. And oh my goodness…

Let me tell you something: Andrea Hausmann is an absolute wizard.

It’s hard to know how we look in the world – to get a real sense of oneself. And I think women especially never quite “see” their own natural beauty. Especially when you don’t grow up feeling particularly beautiful, for whatever personal, established reasons that cement themselves in our psyches and our hearts.

But Andrea sees you. And she finds a way with her keen eye to harness it, elevate it, and make you shine. And she does it while you’re busy chatting about how we spend our days now, and how much we miss tacos, and our friends, and flirting… she manages to capture your essence without you even knowing.

That is, until you see the images she presents you with afterwards. And wow, was I ever gobsmacked!

It’s really an experience I urge every woman to have, at least once. Have Andrea Hausmann make photo-memories of you. Time marches on you know, and will never look or be like this again. It’s truly a treat to feel so beautiful, and have it captured in print. You should do it. Everyone should.”