A Must-Do Before the “I Do”

A Must-Do Before the “I Do” 1445 2000 COCO HAUS
Nude blonde in a bathtub of white flowers

A Must-Do Before the “I Do”

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Let us countdown the ways a bridal boudoir photo shoot should be something all brides must-do before the “I do.”

Blonde woman posing nude in white sheets for her bridal boudoir photoshoot.

5. It’s an expression of self-love
A boudoir photo shoot: it’s not just for the Bridezillas but also for the Bride-Chillas. It’s letting go of self-doubt and letting in self-love. Stop thinking that happiness only comes when you look a certain way.  When you love yourself, perfection becomes you. Now, keep calm and strike a pose.

4. It’s a means to connect with your lover
Superstition #1: It’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. A good work around is to deliver an album of your photos the morning of your ceremony. Naughty or nice, sweet or sultry, natural or glammed up – whatever your style, they’re gonna love it.

Blonde woman wearing a pink mens shirt

3. Capture your bridal glow
You have set up a beauty routine to look your best since the moment you said yes. For most, we go on diets, fitness workout, facials and so much more. You’re looking and feeling fabulous. Now is the time to make your go-to outfit for a photo shoot nakedness. Let’s capture it in a boudoir photo and turn it into art – a keepsake to last forever.

Blonde woman in a bathtub of white flowers

2. A gift to your special someone
When your man has everything and you’re looking for an unexpected Groom’s Gift, surprise him with a private delivery of you lounging in lingerie. Just imagine his excitement upon receiving his personalized album. And what better way to start a life together than with a secret you can share together?

1. And, it’s oh so much fun!
From frolicking on the beach, going on a desert adventure, dancing in the rain (I have a rain room!), taking a dip in the pool, to stopping and smelling the flowers. Wherever your imagination takes you, I can photograph you there.

Nude bride outside on fire escape in a long veil.
Blonde woman in pink marabou jacket
Blonde in lying down in black lingerie

No matter your age, size or background, you deserve a day to feel sexy, to play, to have a moment for yourself. Don’t let the haters stop you from having an unforgettable photoshoot experience to remember.

If I’ve piqued your interest but you don’t know where to begin, let’s sit down to chat. Together, we’ll plan a special day that’s all about you (no outside opinions allowed, wink wink).

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