My Weekly Indulgence: Fancy Workout Accessories

I’m not the type that loves going to the gym.  I love the results that I get and I love having a purpose for the training (prepping for the Spartan Race), but wanting to squeeze into a size 0 is just not high on the priority list.  What I do care about is feeling strong, fit and healthy. I decided to get back into Hot Yoga this year because it’s one of the few fitness activities that really clears my mind while strengthening my body. Maybe it has to do with just trying to survive the heat, or the fact that the candle lit room removes all distractions, either way, I am totally zen afterwards.

When I moved to LA from Montreal, I couldn’t bring everything with me.  My hot yoga kit did not make the trip so I splurged and got all new stuff.  Hot yoga really makes me a gross, sweaty mess so I figure at least my towels and water bottle will be cute.  I originally wanted to get something pink and girly, but when I saw this beautiful, rich turquoise towel at Lululemon, I had to have it. The black and white striped mini towel was the perfect compliment to the set.  I try to live by the “less is more” philosophy so I rather spend more on quality supplies that I know will last and look fabulous, then buying something cheap and new every season.

I absolutely adore this water bottle from BKR.  When I first saw it, I thought the spikes might kill my post yoga zen mood but en contraire!  These little rubbery spikes gives me an amazing hand massage every time I reach for my bottle.  They also prevent the glass from breaking, it literally will make the bottle bounce.  I mean it’s the perfect balance of form and function while maintaining a bad ass attitude.

I’m looking forward to trying out different Hot Yoga studios in LA to make sure I find the right fit for me. And at least now I will be on the hunt, in style.

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