Top 5 places to buy Lingerie in L.A.

Finding the right lingerie for a photoshoot is more than choosing a label, it’s about finding the right pieces to make you feel beautiful and sexy.  Having a great fit will make you feel like you can conquer the world so don’t settle for anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.  Every designer has a slightly different fit model so if one store doesn’t have what you’re looking for, don’t give up and think they’re is something wrong with you.  You are fabulous, you just need the right lingerie to accentuate what you already have.

Absolute Luxury: La Perla

If you’re looking for absolute luxury in your lingerie and willing to put some serious cash down, you must go to La Perla.  Their pieces have such a timeless and classic look that will make you feel the epitome of sophistication. I discovered recently that they have an outlet section on their website that offers serious discounts on their pieces.

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Classy while Insanely Sexy: Agent Provocateur

Want lingerie that will make head’s turn? Check out Agent Provocateur. I have picked up many of their pieces over the years for my personal collection and to be honest nothing has made me feel sexier.

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Vintage Inspired: What Katie Did

Feeling like a vintage pin-up? You must visit What Katie Did.  From corsets to vintage inspired lingerie, this is the place to go.  I’ve photographed quite a few of their pieces and they will absolutely make you camera ready.


A Costume Experience: Trashy Lingerie


Desiring something totally over the top? Visit Trashy Lingerie.  Started over 25 years ago, they have something for everyone.  Their website has an even larger selection of sexy costumes, corsets and lingerie.


Worth Taking a Peak: Victoria’s Secret

When it comes to basics, you can count on Victoria’s Secret.  I sleep in their satin slips every night and recommend popping in to see what they have in store.  They sometimes do limited edition pieces that have impressed me over the years.  Definitely a store that you should keep on your list.

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Make your own rules

Buying a complete matching outfit from one particular line is not always possible, sometimes the matching underwear are sold out or have the wrong fit for you.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match, just pay attention that the designs don’t compete with each other.  Make the look your own because if it feels like you, you’ll wear it more often.

Happy Shopping!



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