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Hi everyone!   My name is Yara…I am so exited to share a little piece of myself with all of you. I have been in this wonderful world of make-up for over 20 years and I love it just as much today as I did yesterday ago. I am a mom of 4 amazing boys and I am married to my handsome soulmate. My whole life I have been drawn to color and most of all, making women feel empowered through it. One of my favorite things is handing over a mirror when I’m done playing and watching the reaction I get when they take a glimpse. It’s a fulfilling action I get to feel everyday. I don’t have a style because every woman feels makeup differently. I want everyone that sits in my chair to feel as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside. I am not recreating you, I am enhancing your favorite features. If you can take anything away from me, it’s to exude beauty from your heart and show it through your eyes….Oh and if any of you are wondering why I call myself NIXEY, here it is. My 4 boys and my rock(hubby)
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If you take a close look at the heart above the “ i “ it’s because I have 2 Nathan’s. One my son and the other my husband. So Nathan to the 2nd power.


Summer is officially here and I’m so excited to share a few makeup essentials to start it off right. I am going to give you a quick makeup look that will take you 15 minutes or less!!

First and foremost, one of the most important things is a great skin care regiment.

You want your skin to look its best with the least amount of makeup. Get yourself a wonderful cleanser that will strip away all of your daily make up and dirt. Follow with a toner to balance your skin from what your cleanser and water has stripped away. Add a serum preferably something with vitamin C to Brighten and give your skin that radiant glow. I enjoy having different serums to target different concerns.. I rotate them depending on what I am lacking. Ending with a lightweight moisturizer that has  SPF to protect you against those Summer Rays. Add a primer to your skin because you want a barrier between your skin care and your make up. You don’t want your skin soaking up your coverage throughout the day and end up with nothing by 2 o’clock.

I love a tinted moisturizer for my daily use.

Especially on those hotter days. Something light weight that also evens out my skin tone but doesn’t look like I’m ready for evening cocktails in the middle of the day.. I would say start off with a shade or maybe even half a shade darker than your skin tone so that you can work it up to that color when your body is getting that beautiful tan.
You can apply with your fingers for a light coverage, a sponge for medium and a brush for fuller. So nice to be able to control the amount and the look by just applying it differently.  Set with a translucent powder to keep the same coverage or add a powder foundation if you want a little more. Give yourself that beautiful glow by adding a warm bronzer . Pop a little blush  on your cheeks to give you slight depth.

Now for your eyes.

Get an eyebase that will give you a clean canvas to work with and allowing your eyeshadow to stay on longer throughout the day. I like something that is more skin tone so that it actually conceals my upper eyelid as well as giving it great hold. Something I like to call “Stop Light Mom Eyes”. One of my favorite things to use are eyeshadow sticks especially for the summer. They tend to wear longer and are super easy to apply. One or two colors will be enough to give you that “Sun kissed” look.
Add a little bit to the eyelid and with your finger or a brush, feather it out in a back-and-forth motion to soften the look. Add a little eyeliner underneath the upper lid eyelashes to create a full lash line effect without a lot of eye liner. You can add a second eyeshadow color to the crease to give a little dimension. Windshield wiper motion is the best for blending. Throw on your mascara and give it a little wiggle back-and-forth to give fullness to the base of the lashes.

Something that a lot of women forget or don’t want to tackle, EYEBROWS.

They are actually quite important. Those two little sisters shape your face and give you a little framing. You can use a pencil or my fave,  a brow powder. It doesn’t look drawn on and it’s really easy to control. Some brands will sell a wax and a powder duo which will give you the perfect eyebrow.  One last step and you’re ready to start your day. With this look you can throw on a gorgeous pop of color on the lip.
Whether it be something super bright, something deep, or your favorite go to lip gloss. Either of those work with all of it. Here’s a plus,  this is easily transitioned to an evening look. But you will have to stay tuned on how I turn this from your day look into your night look with just a few more tricks.

To see more of Yara’s work, follow her on instagram.

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