Printing & Loving It!

Printing & Loving It!

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It’s amazing how the world of photography has changed from when I first started over 10 years ago. I studied film and spent many an hour in the dark room.  Digital cameras were slowly starting to appear but they were expensive and the quality was not great, film was still the best way to go.  I kept my best work in a huge portfolio on my coffee table to show friends and family when they stopped by.Coco Haus Yoga Prints

A few years later when I first started my studio in Montreal, I shot in digital and kept printing everything I worked on.  I made sure all my clients received prints.  But somewhere throughout the years, I drifted away from prints.  People stopped asking for them and I thought it was easier not to do them.  Digital images were the future and prints were such an out dated concept.  Everyone (including myself) liked the idea of doing everything online.  What we didn’t realize is what we would lose along the way.

Photoshoot Print Reveal

Recently I saw a talk by Sue Bryce about the value of prints and how important it is to continue this amazing tradition.  It’s not outdated, it’s archival, it’s something to pass down in your family. It’s your legacy.  In 50 years, do you think you’ll want to pass down a usb drive or CD? Probably not.  Remember floppy disks?  I don’t think so.

You’re going to want to sit on your couch with a glass of wine and pull out your photos and reminisce about how crazy hot you were. You’re going to share them with friends and family with stories about how you wore a custom dress, how 6inch stilettos were the ultimate fashion piece, and how sexy you felt wearing that very special piece of lingerie.

Photoshoot Prints

We look back at portraits of our ancestors and think how beautiful and sophisticated they were.  Why do we not create that for ourselves?  Do you want your future grandchildren looking at your selfies as the only reflection of you? I surely don’t.  Let’s give them something spectacular to spin tales about.  Let us create beautiful portraits that forever will remind you of how amazing you really are.

Now with every COCO HAUS photoshoot, you get a print reveal.  Your best images will be polished, printed and waiting for you to take them home that day.  Treat yourself to a memorable experience that will make you feel beautiful inside and out.

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