Playing with texture in a photoshoot

I often do self portraits to remind self that 1. I’m still sexy 2. Try out new poses and looks that I can recommend to my clients.  I shot all these photos with my camera on a tripod with a remote control.  I couldn’t run back and forth as much as I’m used to so I had my ipad facing the back of my camera to make sure I was in frame.

All about the Fuzz

For this photoshoot I wanted to play with texture, specifically fuzzy and silky.  My first look was my ostrich feather coat, a piece I picked up during photography school over 10 years ago and has followed me everywhere.  I love this look because it’s both playful, sexy and hides the fact that I haven’t been working out due to my broken foot.  Anytime I wear something fuzzy (and that’s pretty often in the fall and winter), I get extra hugs and people can’t help but touch me.  It also makes me very approachable and can often be a talking point because no one can resist a fuzzy sweater dress.

  • Pink Maribou Boudoir Photography

Satin Chic

The second look was a satin shirt dress I picked up on liquidation at Banana Republic. I absolutely adore this color and can’t wait for fall so I can wear it out.  Because I can’t stand in heels (my fracture is taking forever to heal), I had to get creative with how I can pose my legs and position my feet.  I had to hide the fact that I couldn’t do my usual point, put too much weight on my foot or any of my other go to positions. I have to say these are some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken of myself, despite having some moments of pain.  Satin cocktail dresses have always been my favorite for holiday parties because the material gives that extra announce of glamour without having to try too hard.

  • Lavender Satin Glamour Photography

Boudoir & Branding

Both looks have a nostalgic feel to the 50s and 60s, where texture played a big role in fashion. Of course the french twist and a massive amount of eyeliner also helps the photos feel vintage.  This is probably one of my favorite shoots that I’ve done to date, which is pretty awesome considering how restricted I was in my movement.  I also love that the photos turned out sexy out without showing a lot of cleavage.  They also accomplish 2 goals: a boudoir photoshoot and a branding photoshoot in one.  And the best part is they’re not at all boring or typical – they are as unique as I am.

I want you to remember that as much as you should feel comfortable in the body that you have, you can still take amazing photos when you’re not feeling your best.  As long you can laugh at yourself, are willing to try something new and feel comfortable in who you are at that moment, your photos will turn out awesome.

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