Personal Branding Workshop

Join Andrea on June 24th to talk about creating a Personal Brand that is true to you.

Ever feel like you’re not attracting the right clients? Or you feel like you get lost in a crowd at a networking event?  Or you’re just tired of not knowing what to wear? Let me help you figure it all out with this Personal Branding workshop.

When I first started my career, I was very shy and was often lost in a crowd.  Being only 5 ft with a soft voice, it was difficult to be heard and sometimes even seen.  Through the years, I have created a strong brand that is easily recognizable to even those who don’t have any clue who I am.  Now when I attend an event, or walk into a meeting, everyone immediately has a strong understanding of what style of work that I do and they want to know what I do.

In this workshop I will help you:

  • Define what your style is
  • Pick out the important wardrobe pieces you need 
  • Eliminate personal roadblocks you may have
  • Feel inspired to be the you you’ve always wanted to be
  • Fall back in love with the potential of what can be

Branding and dressing for work does not have to be boring.  Even with strict dress codes in a corporate environment, I have some easy hacks that will allow you to bring a little more “you” into work each day. 

Natural lifestyle photoshoots around town are a popular style and works great for some people but this is not what this workshop will be about.  I will not be telling you which wall to shoot in front of or how to look like the latest influencer. This is for people who want to create something unique to them.  It’s for someone who is tired of following the pack and wants to be their true self.

This workshop is for the:

  • Entrepreneur who’s looking to better define their brand
  • Fitness or health freelancer who wants to stand out from the pack
  • Creative that wants to workshop their brand concept
  • Person who’s feeling stuck in a rut and wants to shake things up

Basically, I want to help you become confident and successful in life. I want to give you the tools to go out there and take what you want.

Oh and did I mention there will be bubbly and a photoshoot raffle for your own personal branding photoshoot?

Sunday June 24th from 2-4 pm at the COCO HAUS Studio in K-Town

Tickets are $35 and include bubbly and Personal Branding Workshop Book

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