Join Us in Paris

Celebrate your life and success with a Luxury Photoshoot in Paris Oct 10-11.

Pose in a gown beneath the Eiffel Tower, wear a fashion outfit through the streets of Paris and lounge in lingerie in a luxe apartment suite, celebrate your well earned success with this dream photoshoot.

Join photographer Andrea Hausmann, COCO HAUS, and make-up artist Christelle Souverbie for a once in a lifetime photoshoot in Paris this October.

From private driver, to champagne treats, this is not an experience everyone gets. This is COCO HAUS in Paris and we will pull out all the stops for you.

Never been to Paris and feeling a little lost? Don’t worry for a moment, I will be put together a must see spots and my favorite places to go Lingerie Shopping.

*The photos in the slideshow below are inspiration images for what we can create.

So Why Paris?

Well, why not?  Life is too short to not travel and enjoy all the amazing experiences that come with it.  Having been raised in Montreal  (a primarily french city with European architecture), walking around Paris feels like home to me.  Christelle Souverbie, our hair & make-up artist for the trip, is originally from France and has amazing connections to the city. On top of all that, I have my Secret Guide who lives in Paris and is helping me put together the ultimate photoshoot experience for my clients.  Organizing this photoshoot in Paris has been a dream of mine for years, and I’m beyond excited that I can offer this to you.

But what do I wear?

Have no fear, we will provide the glamour wardrobe.  From tulle skirts to full ballgowns to lace robes, let us make your packing easier so you can leave room in your luggage for all the shopping you’ll do in the city. Want to make this a personal branding photoshoot for your business? Sounds amazing! We’ll create a look that is perfect for your brand with maybe some personal dress-up play time for your private self.

As always, this is a private experience.

We take our client’s privacy very seriously. Except for the outdoor locations, your photoshoot images will remain as private as you desire.  We love sharing photos, but it is always up to the client’s discretion what gets seen and what remains hidden.  We want you to feel at ease to explore a different side of yourself.  This is a judgement free zone, where you get to play and just be the you you’ve always wanted to be. 

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