I have the coolest f*cking clients

I have the coolest f*cking clients 2000 1459 COCO HAUS

I have the coolest

f*cking clients

I have the coolest f*ckin clients. Like when this babe came to me wanting to create Cannabis imagery for her social media. We wanted to break old stereo types of a stoner. We wanted to create something sexy and modern. I actually brought in a full wall of cannabis leaves and with the perfect playlist, the mood was set.

Staying true

My whole life everyone always told me to play it safe and stick to headshots but this is the sh*t that gets me really excited. If we’re not pushing boundaries with our work, then what’s the point? I work crazy long hours to get my client’s projects where they need to be so if it doesn’t get me excited, I’m not interested.

Hello Eve…..

How about this spring we all start creating new stories with our own rules. How about we stop hiding our bodies and instead embrace them. How about we create a life that feels right to us instead of listening to the haters. Let’s stop playing it safe and create some cool sh*t that makes a statement. Let’s build something to be proud of so when we look back we know we went all in.

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

 Bob Marley 

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