How to Wear Red Lipstick

You’re a bad bitch and you know it. Feel like chopping all your hair off for a sleek bob today? You’re not afraid to do it. Crazy new fashion trend? You’re always the first one to debut the look at brunch. So why is it when you want to wear a bold red lip it never comes out looking quite right? You might not be completing all the vital steps! Check out these tips on how to wear red lipstick flawlessly every time:

Choose a shade with a blue undertone

Blue undertones are ideal for red lips because they will make your red look more vibrant and your teeth look whiter – no joke! Orange undertones don’t provide contrast and dull your features.

Lipliner is your friend

One of the most difficult parts of mastering a red lip is keeping the color even. It’s easy to apply a pink lip in the car as you’re headed to happy hour, but red lipstick will give you crooked lips if you don’t apply carefully. Use a red lipliner to outline your lips and prevent the color from bleeding into fine lines.

Experiment with lip contouring

Add a darker shade of red to the corners of your mouth for dimension and a more natural look. Dab a darker shade of lipstick or some powdered eyeshadow to the edges of your lips. Next, add a highlight on the center of your lips for maximum poutiness.

Play with texture

If you swiped on the first shade of red you found and are feeling like a clown, don’t get too strung out. Matte shades are a great first-shade-of-red option because they are less bold. Feeling like you want to shine? A swipe of red gloss will elevate your look without being too harsh.

Begin with a stain and work your way up

When you’re used to natural pink lips, the switch to red can be intense and shocking. Invest in a lip stain for a more subtle hint of red, and work your way up to a full-blown red lip. Look for one that’s long-lasting and non-sticky so you can wear it all day.

Do you think you can perfect your pout like a film noir star?

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