How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Beauty Room

There’s something about a perfectly organized beauty room or closet that makes you feel like you have your whole life in order. Whether you have a gigantic walk in closet or a small corner of your room where you cram your makeup, there are certain tips and tricks you can use to spruce up your space.

Break Up the Texture

Most walk-in closets and beauty rooms are filled with wooden furniture. Break up the hard textures with some fabric – add elegant curtains or a fluffy ottoman to add romance to the room.

Display Your Favorite Accessories

Every woman wants to feel like they’re shopping in their own closet. Even small spaces can house a sunglasses display or nail polish rack on the wall, which will remind you of all the options in your closet. Who hasn’t discovered an old crumpled-up dress they forgot they owned in the back of a dusty drawer?

Utilize Vertical Space

Small skinny acrylic drawers are perfect for your makeup storage, or install shelves on any empty wall space to maximize your storage while still incorporating style. You’ll have more space and it will draw the eye up making the space look larger.

Color Coordinate

Make even the smallest and darkest closet look chic and put together color coding your closet. Follow the ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) order for maximum visual aesthetic. Bonus points if all of your hangers are the same color!

Display Key Pieces

When closet space is limited, invest in a clothing rack (you can find them super cheap at Target or online) and pull your most-loved and en vogue pieces for a statement piece that will inspire you every time you glance at it.

Now that your beauty room is pristine, isn’t it time to show your lingerie drawer some love?

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