How to Create a Perfect Dating Profile

In the world of social media and swiping left and right, it’s important to stand out. So how to you create a swipe-able profile while showing off how perfect you are? Use these tips to create your perfect dating profile!

Make Your First Post a Headshot

Don’t make your first photo a group shot. The point is to stand out, not to blend in! Make your first post a photo of just you and close enough where you can see what color your eyes are for maximum swipability.

Showcase Your Hobby

Are you a cross country skier? Do you brew your own beer in your free time? Include a photo of you doing something you’re super passionate about – your energy is contagious and your potential new significant other with find it oh-so-sexy.

Stay on Brand

It is easy to slip into your “dating” persona – you know, the one who is super outdoorsy and never hungover and always does her grocery shopping and laundry first thing Sunday morning. If in reality you’re more of an “inside table please” boozy bruncher than a super active hiker, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot when you start dating. Present the best and most polished version of yourself, but stay true to your brand!

Show Off Your Summer Photos

Glamour Photoshoot

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to post your skimpiest bikini pics (unless you want to!), but studies have shown that photos of ladies having fun in the sun get swiped right much more often than pictures of you in the snow or leaves!

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