How to Craft the Perfect Professional Profile

Often times we spend so much time crafting our perfect dating profiles and Instagram grids that we forget to focus on our professional online presence. If you’re on the job hunt, dust off your profile and follow these tips for the perfect professional profile:

Choose a Professional Photo

Profiles with photos are given more thought, so it’s important to represent yourself well. Select a neutral background and have a professional (or talented friend) take the photo so it’s high-quality. You don’t need to be in business professional attire, but make sure you’re dressed conservatively. No car selfies here!

Write in First Person

Everybody knows that we write our own LinkedIn profiles, so profiles written in third person (using “they” instead of “I” pronouns) come across as out-of-touch and pretentious. In fact, this is one of the most common annoyances on LinkedIn!

Be Creative in Your Bio

How many people describe themselves as “dedicated self-starters” in their LinkedIn bio? Hint: pretty much everyone. Think outside the box here and use it to showcase your personality – and let your experience and accomplishments speak for themselves.

Make Sure Your Resume is Up-To-Date

Think about it – when is the last time you gave your resume a complete makeover? If you’re still using the same template you used to apply to Auntie Anne’s in the mall when you were a teenager, it’s time for a revamp.

Have Someone Read Over Your Copy

A fresh pair of eyes will catch small mistakes that you don’t see after reading and rereading your profile. Read it out loud to them as well – you’ll be able to tell if a sentence doesn’t flow or subject and verbs disagree. Typos show that you’re careless – avoid at all costs.

If you’re on an organizational role after cleaning up your professional presence, tackle your beauty room next for a place to relax after work!

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