My Obsession with Glitter & Gold

My Obsession with Glitter & Gold

My Obsession with Glitter & Gold 2100 764 COCO HAUS

“Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is.” – Mae West


Looking back at my 10 years of work as a photographer, I noticed that there’s a repetitive theme: glitter and gold. I can’t quite explain why, maybe it was seeing James Bond’s Goldfinger growing up, maybe it was having burlesque performers as friends, or maybe it’s just that I like anything that makes a beautifully, glamorous mess.


My first body-paint photoshoot.


And I love it when my clients trust me and my beauty team enough that they’re willing to go under the paintbrush.  For as beautiful as the final images are, allowing your body and face to be painted or glittered is no laughing matter.  For starters, the image above took hours for the model to be painted, only to be photographed for half an hour. And I tell you it took more than one shower to rinse it off. That being said, she now has one hell of a beautiful photo that she will have for a lifetime, and the perfect dinner party story to tell.


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The second set of images was inspired by Beyoncé’s Flaunt Magazine Cover. The texture of the glitter reminded me of wet sand on skin.  When we tried it, it was for the first time, the glitter paint started to crack.  Although it wasn’t what we initially wanted, it gave an amazing result.  I have to give it up to Christelle Souverbie, the make-up artist behind this look for doing such a phenomenal job mixing the colors. And of course the rest of the team for being so amazing, Alexander Apple for hair and Scarlett James for modeling. I love working with people who make my job easy.


Inspiration for the Body Glitter Photoshoot


When I had a client ask for something over the top amazing, I knew glitter was the way to go. Only thing was, the look had to be put together quickly, we did not have to hours to paint. I remembered that glitter sticks to skin like sand when wet and away we went! A bath and two craft glitter bottles later, and this fabulous woman was turned into a rockstar mermaid.


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No matter if you’re covered, or just want a hint, there’s something about adding that little extra touch of glam that can make you feel oh so special.  This fabulous desert shoot took place where the original Star Trek episodes used to film.  I love how Sukki Singapora‘s hair just pops against the desert backdrop and the beautiful Julia Clancey turban just shines in the light. Amazing Make-up by Kseniya Durst, hair and styling by Emily Searcy.


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I look forward to photographing another 10 years of glitter and glamour.  Having an experience that makes you feel like a beautiful, shimmery goddess should not be reserved to only the famous.  We all deserve the opportunity to shine in front and behind the camera. So shine on, beautiful people, shine on.