On Location

Some days a little adventure is good for the soul and an outdoor photoshoot is the perfect plan.  And then sometimes choosing a hotel or your beautiful home for a photoshoot can bring out a more indulgent side of you.  No matter where the location is, the walls (or lack there of) can help tell your story.  Do you want to play the Stepford House Wife or are you more Valley of the Dolls? Do you see the ocean and dream of being a Mermaid or do you see the desert and think Mad Max?

We play with sparkle, fabric and all things glamorous. Rose petals in swimming pools, glitter in bathtubs, why shouldn’t we have moments that remind us of scenes in a movie? Sirens on the beach, femme fatales in the bedroom, explore the fun and drama in this life. This is sophisticated dress-up for grown-ups captured for a lifetime of great memories.

Let Andrea know where you want your next adventure to be.

Plan your Adventure
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