Fighting Back

I’ve been a fighter all my life.  Anytime someone said I couldn’t do something, I found a way to prove them wrong.  After this election, I felt completely weak.  Like all my power was taken away until I remembered I was better than this. I have strength and power and I can do some good.  I can’t protest (because I’m on a work visa and could get kicked out of the US) so I decided to offer up my space and my talent to some beautiful women.  I knew I might not be able to change anything on a large scale, but if I could make a few women feel strong, then at least I’m doing something right.  The day of the photoshoot we drank champagne, and talked about our lives and everything we have overcome in our pasts.

Because as women we have always been told to fall into line, that our opinions don’t matter.  Too long we’ve been told to remain silent and smile.  This is our moment to stand united and strong. To do what is right for us and those we love.  This was our moment to find our strength and show it to the world.


“Where I find strength? I’d say I find it in love.
Authentic connection feeds my soul, whether it be with family, friends, or a meaningful interaction with a stranger…we are connected by love.” – Reeca Gaspari



“I found my strength when I made the choice not to give up. I kept fighting even though I didn’t believe I could win. Now I’m here and my strength comes from remembering what I’ve overcome.” – Julie Fernandez



“My strength comes from my battle to show confidence when I feel weak inside. I magnify that strength with the love and support of those closest to me. That, and remembering to laugh. Humour is its own strength.” – Ulka Simone Mohanty

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“I find my strengths in myself. As menstrual, weak, ugly and outraged as I was feeling on the day this picture was taken, after looking back at it, none of that shows. Turns out, all the knowledge of strength the women before me passed down has been inside me all along.”

-Bri Giger


“A disciplined practice in yoga gives my body and mind the stamina, energy, and clarity that I need to keep powering on and moving forward. I also try to surround myself with creative, positive, and kind individuals that build me up, make me laugh, bring me joy, and challenge me. ” -Cassandra Alyse Hoo



“I have spent my whole life being a fighter, often figuratively and even literally in younger years, but the older I get and the more I’ve gone thru in life, the more I’ve come to realize that one of my biggest strengths is my ability to be vulnerable. That has taken a long time to learn and appreciate.” – Heidi Van Horne


I hope to continue this series as we stand together and continue to fight back.

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