How to Create a 5-Star Spa Experience at Home

Some people hope for a walk-in closet. Some would die for a home gym. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would move into a spa.

There’s nothing better for relaxation, pampering, and an instant confidence boost like a trip to the spa. For those of us who weren’t born a Kardashian, heading to the spa is probably a once-in-a-very-rare-while occurrence. Here’s how to create a luxury spa in your own home for a fraction of the price!

Order a massage therapist

Did you know that you can order a massage therapist to come to you? They’ll bring their own equipment, oils, and lotions. For those not keeping score, that equals ZERO work for you!

Pimp your tub

Spas offer mud baths, milk baths, and other relaxing soaks that you can easily recreate in your own tub. The day before your spa day, give your tub a deep clean so it will be ready to go.

Essential oils are essential

Scent has a powerful control over our mood. Invest in a set so you can create whatever mood you’d like a moment’s notice. There are endless combinations of oils you can concoct for whatever scent you need.

Hit up Amazon

You can get a pore steamer for super cheap, or a UV lamp to do your own gel manicures. Invest in some of these pieces for instant spa-level treatments whenever you are in the mood.

Infuse your water

Add lemon, fresh fruit, or mint to your water for a delicious treat that will keep you hydrated during your spa treatments. It’s so much easier getting your daily water intake in when it accompanies a relaxing spa treatment. Your skin will thank you!


Is it just me, or does a chic spa make you want to be a glamorous Parisian woman all the time?

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