Client Spotlight: Leolani Kaona

I met Leolani at a workshop run by Spark Society and I was immediately drawn to her positive energy and fabulous red lipstick.  When we got to chatting, I realized how incredibly sweet she was. I’m so beyond proud of Leolani because she really stepped out of her comfort zone in this photoshoot.  Always behind the scenes and never in front of them, I’m so excited to give Leolani a moment to shine as the true beauty she is.  Not only did I feel she transformed in front of the camera, I could feel a shift in her energy after the photoshoot as well.
Leolani’s Print Reveal
Hawaii girl living in SoCal by way of NYC. A lover of reading, adventure and travel. She enjoys consuming information of all sorts and is not a fan of small-minded and intolerant individuals. Her spirit animal is the dolphin and she finds peace in delicious food and the ocean.

Not being near a body of water, specifically the ocean.

Being on the beach with my toes in the sand.

Nars Lip Pencil Cruella

Take a walk on the beach

Finding the unicorn of work / life balance and finding my happy


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