Client Spotlight: Joey Bothwell

I met Joey over birthday drinks for a mutual friend and I was immediately captivated with her warm personality and sense of confidence.  I absolutely love meeting women who know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid of going after it.  It didn’t hurt that she was a fellow Canadian and that we could share stories about what it’s like moving to LA.  I knew when we planned a photoshoot together that the photos would be incredibly confident and sexy.

Joey Bothwell is a Canadian born actress, dancer and choreographer. Her talents have lead her around the world, working within her various fields. Starting young, she landed her first job as a teenager, a dancer for Disney (1997).  It wasn’t surprising that the young talent took to sailing around the globe, performing on World Class Cruise Ships (2001- 2004). Joey’s feet finally touched the ground in Vancouver, Canada, and she immediately found herself, drawn to the film and television world. Joey’s focus then shifted onto acting in film and television. Her time in Vancouver became divided, with days on set, (Supernatural, 2006 & Psych, 2005) auditions and classes.

Joey’s first feature ( “Frankie and Alice” 2010) played opposite Emmy award nominee, Halle Berry and Silver screen veteran, Stellen Skarsgarrd. In addition, Joey found the time to be a featured contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” (2008). Her love and background in live theatre carried her through the ebb and flow of the film and television business. With a love for her art and determined producer (“Stop Kiss”- Secretly Women Productions 2008 &“Five women wearing the same Dress” 2007), Joey was able to generate the production of many different plays, being both a producer and actress while choreographing over 20 different musicals. (“Guys and Dolls” 2009)  Joey’s time in Vancouver came to an end, as the lure of Los Angeles, called. She happily resides in Los Angeles, CA, as a full permanent resident. Joey continues to pursues her passions in acting and choreography and is currently the owner, artistic director and choreographer for her own dance company.

My Dance company “The Beauties” are working hard on “Decades of Beauty” for November 2nd at the Cupcake theater in North Hollywood! Jazz dance at it’s finest, in a cabaret show full of live music and entertainment, celebrating beauty from the 50’s – the 90’s. I’m also writing a TV series and working as an actress on various upcoming projects.

Ramen! I eat it at least once a week. Salt is my weakness.

I’ve been in LA 4 years however it feels like 5 minutes!

I’m doing it. I’ve always wanted to be an actress and a dancer. Living the dream now.

Creating art, through movies, TV and live theater, that moves people to tears and invokes a sense of self discovery that inspires people to be the best version of themselves.


a 9- 5 job

Uncontrollable laughter, my Dog Scooter, tall dark and handsome and a seafood buffet

Hitting my stride. I lost my Mother to cancer last year and thought I would never get back up again, but 2017 has taught me to walk again. I can’t wait to run at top speed.
@missjoeybothwell or her dance company’s instagram @thebeautiesLA

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