Client Spotlight: Christina Bodie

Originally from Edmonton, Canada, Christina Bodie has been dancing professionally for over ten years. She attended the Juilliard School in New York City, graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Throughout her career Christina has danced for companies such as Koresh Dance Company in Philadelphia, BJM Danse in Montreal, and BODYTRAFFIC in Los Angeles. In addition to performing, Christina is currently on faculty at Windward School, AMDA College for the Performing Arts and Gabriella Charter School, and she teaches master classes globally. Christina’s love of teaching also extends to yoga and she is certified through YogaWorks.

I loved working with Christina because of her love of movement due to her dance background.  It was important to me to capture the different sides of her while still maintaining true to who she is. From Vanity Fair glamour to dance contemporary to a softer side, it was so much fun to play during this photoshoot.  I created a beautiful strapless satin and tulle dress to really create a fairy tale moment (which I think we all deserve).  I can’t wait to work with this lovely lady on her next photoshoot.

Christina Bodie, dancer and yoga instructor, photography by Andrea Hausmann for COCO HAUS Productions

What projects you are currently working on? (Which project is going to release first in the coming year?)

I am currently creating a unique three hour workshop designed for dancers interested in best preparing their body, mind and spirit for a successful career in dance. I will be collaborating with the folks at Hope Integrative Psychiatry to host what I hope will be the first of many workshops at the beautiful La Maida Institute in North Hollywood. The workshop will include yoga specifically designed for dancers, discussion on how to build the physical and mental resilience required for a long and healthy dance career and a final segment on Ayurvedic Medicine. Ayurveda, a personalized approach to health, allows us to make optimal choices about diet, exercise and lifestyle in accordance to our own mind-body type. I have been fascinated by this traditional Hindu system of medicine for quite some time now and I am excited to include it in the workshop. Stay tuned for more details!

I am also teaching dance and fitness at three different schools here in Los Angeles, so I am constantly working on developing myself as a teacher as well as creating new choreography for my students.

Christina Bodie, dancer and yoga instructor, photography by Andrea Hausmann for COCO HAUS Productions

What’s your guilty pleasure?  French fries! I have always been a savory over sweet kind of gal.

I love the saying, “Risk it for the Biscuit”.  What does your end biscuit look like?  Pretty simply, I strive for a happy and balanced life. I seek a life in which I am living in line with my goals, constantly improving myself in every area, helping others to reach optimal health, making art that I care about and attracting love, abundance and prosperity.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?  I am inspired by people who do not give up on their goals, despite the odds. People who are resilient, driven, positive and compassionate.

Christina Bodie, dancer and yoga instructor, photography by Andrea Hausmann for COCO HAUS Productions

How long have you been living in LA?  I moved to Los Angeles from Montreal, Canada about about a year and a half ago. It was a large adjustment at first but the city grew on me tremendously. In addition to the incredible weather, I love the amount of opportunity in this city and the sense that anything is possible. I originally moved here to dance with a Los Angeles based contemporary dance company, however upon moving, the world opened up for me and I began a natural transition away from full time performing. This has allowed me to focus on teaching and other projects.

What did you want to do when you were growing up?  I always wanted to be on stage. I believe that I came out of the womb as a performer! My family would attest to the fact that as a young girl, I was always putting on a show  and I would happily entertain myself (and others) for hours on end. At first I thought I wanted to be an actress, but I soon fell in love with expressing myself through movement.

Christina Bodie, dancer and yoga instructor, photography by Andrea Hausmann for COCO HAUS Productions

Dogs or cats?  Dogs! I grew up with dogs. I am not opposed to cats, but it has to be the right cat.


What does hell look like for you?  A life without love.


What does heaven look like?  My heaven is quite simple. See the answer to the “Risk it for the Biscuit” pose, photography by Andrea Hausmann

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?  I am looking forward to exploring more of LA. This city has so many “pockets” that I have yet to experience.

I would also love to continue to collaborate with fellow, health-minded artists.  Aside from that, I am excited to continue building the life of my dreams, expanding my mind in every way and connecting with others. I don’t think that the process of working on oneself ever really ends. Luckily, it is a process that I love.

yoga pose, photography by Andrea Hausmann

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4 thoughts on “Client Spotlight: Christina Bodie

  • Robert knowles

    This girl is not only pretty… she is talented, smart, and an amazing person. The photos have not only captured beauty, but they have shared a piece of what I know so well. Bravo shooter and my bone… always a beauty….

  • Cassandra Hoo

    Beautiful photos for a beautiful person! Christina is a good friend of mine and you captured her elegance, grace, and beauty so well! Absolute perfection!!

  • Lauren Lyon

    This is such a beautiful interview! (And those photos!! Ahh!) Amazing work Andrea and Christina xo

  • Kevin Delaney

    Someone who lives from love. A true gem – and her “Vanity Fair glamour” is not too hard to look at either;) … Great work B & Andrea!

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