Champagne Afternoon Cocktail

Saturday, January 15th 1-4pm

Come by COCO HAUS’ studio and enjoy an afternoon of indulgence. With a champagne & juice bar, let’s talk lingerie and the best places to shop for it. Bring a friend and enter our raffle to win a dream photoshoot with Andrea Hausmann and her team.

Remember, lingerie is all about feeling sexy and beautiful, not just for your partner, but for yourself. You undress yourself everyday, shouldn’t you deserve a beautiful reveal?

The event is sponsored in part by Five Senses Tastings
At Five Senses Tastings, we put a modern twist on the “tasting” concept. Our fully customized music tastings encourage guests to “taste” with their ears – and then with all five senses – as they are taken on a full-sensory journey of music, wine, cheese, and chocolate. Music performed is performed live and from a wide range of genres – jazz, classical, tango, opera, flamenco, Broadway, folk, and more – and then carefully paired with these more traditional tasting elements to tell our clients’ unique stories.

We also have the amazing Bree Jenkins give some great dating tips on Sunday! Dating in LA can be tough and it can be helpful to get some great advice to make sure your dating experiences remains enjoyable, not stressful.

Bree Jenkins is a Los Angeles based Dating Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She specializes in helping women and men become empowered and break negative dating patterns. Bringing over ten years of combined experience as a professional private practice therapist, personal stylist and life coach, she uses her skills to help clients clarify their ideal compatible characteristics in partners, to identify key behaviours to embrace or improve, form a plan of action to increase chances of meeting their matches, and discovering and implementing their most attractive personal style. This combination results in proven success. Bree has helped many clients into happy marriages, engagements, and many more in finding healthier fuller dating lives.

Please RSVP for the address!

See you there!

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