Client Spotlight

Fighting Back

Fighting Back 150 150 COCO HAUS

I’ve been a fighter all my life.  Anytime someone said I couldn’t do something, I found a way to prove them wrong.  After this election, I felt completely weak.  Like…

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Hitchcock’s “The Birds” Inspired Photoshoot

Hitchcock’s “The Birds” Inspired Photoshoot 4333 1577 COCO HAUS

“The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture.” Alfred Hitchcock I absolutely adore everything about “The Birds” (and well everything that Hitchcock did). So when my client, Cheryl, came…

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Printing & Loving It!

Printing & Loving It! 2500 910 COCO HAUS

It’s amazing how the world of photography has changed from when I first started over 10 years ago. I studied film and spent many an hour in the dark room.…

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How to Create a Dress with Champagne & Pins

How to Create a Dress with Champagne & Pins 2800 1019 COCO HAUS

How many times have you gone shopping and were unable to find an outfit that was quite right?  How many times have you found the perfect silhouette but is just the…

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Celebrating Love

Celebrating Love 4130 1503 COCO HAUS

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” –Audrey Hepburn I love when I encounter a love so powerful that it inspires me to love even greater.  Elizabeth…

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