COCO HAUS is not a wham bam thank you ma'am type of photoshoot experience.  We want to make sure all your questions are answered and that you're as excited as we our with working together.

The COCO HAUS team respects your privacy and we’ll keep your photoshoot as private as you desire.  We do offer a client spotlight, but that is only for clients who are interested in being featured.

Not to worry, that’s what a photoshoot consultation is for! Andrea will ask you a few questions and guide you into the right photoshoot for you.

Andrea works with some fantastic artists and based on the artistic direction of the photoshoot, the right people will be brought in.

Andrea photographs artistic nudes.

Not at all, it is up to the discretion of each client what they feel comfortable wearing. 

Andrea designs custom dresses for her clients, you can talk with her about designing the perfect look.

Absolutely, yes!  The majority of women who come in have no modeling experience, it’s our job to make you feel comfortable and guide you into your poses.

No way! We all are struggling with our bodies and waiting won’t make it better.  Love yourself now and you’ll be surprised by the positive changes that will happen in your life.  Also, Andrea is the queen of photoshop, and smoothing out curves.

Andrea generally removes the 15lbs the camera adds.  If you have specific worry areas, please let her know.  The goal is never to make you look unrecognizable, just to create the best version of you. And it goes without saying that any unwanted stretch marks or cellulite will be removed.

Of course! You can discuss with Andrea how much photoshop you feel comfortable with.

No. Andrea is an artist and part of the process of creating the final work is a touch of photoshop, whether that is cleaning up the background or getting the model to pop from the image

Yes, but on a case by case basis.

It'a recommended to book 3 weeks in advance, but there are always exceptions to the rules.  Contact Andrea to see if we can make your date work.

The majority of the photoshoots take place in a beautiful private vintage studio in Korea Town. Outside locations can be booked for an additional price.  Have an awesome place in mind? We would love to discuss it.

Yes, of course!  Andrea loves any opportunity to travel, and often is Las Vegas and San Francisco. Want to meet somewhere more exotic? Not a problem, destination photoshoots can be arranged.

Have a question that is not on the list? Write us & we'll make sure to answer it.

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