About COCO

“Be inspired by the past, dream of the future, and live your adventure in the moment.”

Feeling “blah” in your life?

Looking for a new way to put yourself out there?

You’re not alone.


So many women feel this pain every day.  The good news is that there’s a way out.  

What we offer our clients is a photoshoot that goes beyond just taking a good photo. It’s an experience.  It’s an experience to recover your beauty and to push through your self-imposed limitations. We play with sparkle, fabric and all things glamorous.  

Rose petals in swimming pools, glitter in bathtubs, why shouldn’t we have moments that remind us of scenes in a movie? Sirens on the beach, femme fatales in the bedroom, explore the fun and drama in this life.  This is sophisticated dress-up for grown-ups captured for a lifetime of great memories.

It doesn’t matter your size or background, everyone deserves to feel beautiful.  The women featured in the COCO HAUS portfolio have varying degrees of experience, from first timers to experienced models.  We pride ourself in making everyone feel comfortable & beautiful in front of the camera. We are a LGBTQ friendly company.

The studio is based in Los Angeles, but we also travel for photoshoots.  Besides doing photoshoots in our vintage studio, one of the most popular locations is a desert 1hr outside of the the city.   

Don’t live in LA? No, worries!  Come make a mini vacation out of your photoshoot in LA.  Many of our clients fly in for a day or weekend and extend the the glamorous experience we offer.  Ask about our guide on where to stay and where to visit while you’re in California.

Everyone books a photoshoot for their own reasons.  Sometimes it’s a gift to give while for others it’s a gift to keep.  This is a judgement-free zone where the photoshoot is more than just the prints you get at the end, they’re about exploring and indulging in different aspects of you.  COCO HAUS offers you a full experience to put you at ease and create beautiful imagery that you will want to hold onto for years to come.

Not sure what style is quite right for you?

Book a consultation to go over the details that are important to you.

My name is Andrea Hausmann and I’ve been photographing beautiful women for over 10 years.  Originally from Montreal, Coco Haus Productions is the continuation of Andrea Hausmann Photography, a company that is all about making the photoshoot process more than just a shoot, but an experience to remember.

I like my coffee black, my scotch smokey and my champagne pink. I see beauty in the smallest details and I think a good heart creates a beautiful person.  I like running in heels and wearing a dress that floats in the breeze. I love a challenge and want to learn something new everyday.

Having studied art, fashion and photography, I use every tool in my belt to make my photos beautiful, my session experiences unforgettable and my clients happy.  I’m the photographer that rolls on the ground to get the right angle, the designer that can create a beautiful gown from a satin sheet and pins, and the professional who’s not afraid of getting a little dirty to get the perfect shot.

I can’t wait to hear your story and what inspires you in your life!

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