7 Things You Need in Your Lingerie Drawer

Coco Haus Productions Photography by Andrea Hausmann

Every woman needs a secret. Something that makes her feel sexy and powerful. A well-curated lingerie drawer is something all women can appreciate. If you’re a naughty things novice, here are seven key things that you should have in your lingerie drawer.


Bustiers make your ta-tas look incredible. Whether you want to enhance your curves or just highlight what you’ve got, bustiers are excellent additions to any lingerie drawer.

Satin Robe

Silk robe

It’s all about the tease. A luxurious silk robe is comfortable to wear as you’re doing your hair and makeup and effortlessly transitions into a coy outfit to answer the door for your man in.


Something from your fantasy

If there’s an especially kinky piece of lingerie you’ve always wanted, buy it. You don’t need to wear it for anyone, just knowing that it’s there will empower you. If it helps you explore your sexuality, all the better.

Garter and stockings

Garters are one of the most classic types of lingerie out there. It gives you a clean head-to-toe done up look that works with a variety of tops.

Bra and panties set

Don’t you feel incredible when your panties match your bra? Though everyone at work won’t know that you’re wearing a set, you’ll feel like you have your life together. Who doesn’t need a confidence boost?

Photography by Andrea Hausmann<br /> Coco Haus Productions

Lingerie laundry bag

Properly caring for your lingerie will extend its life and keep it looking new longer. Most lingerie is too delicate to go through the wash on its own, so invest in a mesh lingerie bag (they’re only a few bucks) to launder your underthings.

A scented sachet

Pick a sexy scent and keep a sachet of it in your drawer to keep your lingerie smelling fresh.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you have room to grow. You’ll be feeling Parisian in no time!

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