5 Step Breakup Recovery Program

Breakups suck. It doesn’t matter if you’re the dumper or the dumpee, nobody enjoys going through a breakup. How do you get over someone flawlessly every time? With COCO HAUS’ 5 Step Breakup Recovery Program, of course.

Step One: Cry, Scream, and Kick Your Feet

I officially give you permission to throw a full-on hissy. You’ve just gone through a major life change and possible heartbreak – let it out! Eat an entire bag of Skittles, watch Dirty Dancing 18 times in a row, and don’t shave your legs for a week. However you need to cope, go for it.

Step Two: Seek Out Your Support System

You don’t have to go through this alone. It may be tempting to hide your heartbreak, but reach out to those around you who you trust the most. They’ll be there to stop you from drunk texting your ex Drake lyrics or getting a tattoo of a Rugrats character and provide moral support.

Step Three: Get Some Closure

Burn an effigy, write an angry letter to your ex that you’ll never send, and see your therapist. It’s time to heal. If you’re lucky enough to still be on semi-good terms with your ex, you can even ask if they would mind having a phone call to talk through the breakup now that you’ve had time to process.

Step Four: Remember Who You Are

Ok girl, time to get your shit together. You’re not just someone who is newly single, you’re a boss! It’s time to head back to your pilates classes, reconnect with your book club, and throw your BFF the surprise birthday party you’ve been meaning to do for years. You’re a whole person – much more than one half of a broken relationship.

Step Five: Continue to Kick Ass

Ex significant other who? He’s in the past. You’ve got your girlfriends, your career, hobbies, and so many other amazing things going on in your life.

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