10 Tips to get you photoshoot ready

10 Tips to get you photoshoot ready 2100 1575 COCO HAUS

10 Tips to get you photoshoot ready

I have worked with personal trainers, on and off again, over the years and each one has a unique style to creating a customized workout.  What I loved so much about Rob Atkin’s methods was that even though I got my ass handed to me, I felt extremely strong the entire time.  There was never a moment that I felt I couldn’t do the given exercise and I never felt my body hurt in a bad way.  I’ve seen Rob do some amazing transformational work on some of my friends, and I’m excited to start working with him on my own transformation.  I’ve always been about being the best version of yourself, and I think feeling strong in your body is a big part of that.

As a Trainer & Nutrition Coach, Rob Atkin is always helping women prep for special events like being on-screen-ready and looking fabulous at Hollywood parties. I asked him what recommended prep work be done before a photoshoot and these are Rob’s top 10 tips:

1. Exercise but do not overdo it! Yes, working out will help you get ready but overdoing it with hours and hours at the gym can have negative effects for your big day, including stress, fatigue, and water retention.

2. Avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners.

3. Take time to relax: get a massage, meditate, hike, take an epsom salt bath, etc

4. Lead up to the event with a low carb, high fat diet. Lower carbs means less water retention – giving a dryer, leaner appearance (but make sure electrolytes and water are UP!)

5. Incorporate turmeric, curcumin, ginger, omega-3s & apple cider vinegar into your diet to support detox and decrease inflammation.

6. Get some sleep!

7. Do not go crazy dehydrating yourself. Although it can make you appear leaner, dehydration will leave you feeling fatigued, irritable and red in the face.

8. Try some dandelion root! It will help you shed some extra water weight without dehydrating.

9. Use a face mask the night before!

10. Most importantly, have fun with it! The shoot should be fun and not a stressful event. Smile, relax, and get ready for some amazing photos!

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from Rob, as well as some other amazing experts I have lined up!  Feeling confident for a photoshoot, event or everyday life is so important in becoming the best version of you.

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“You feel better about yourself when you do something with yourself. You also feel more confident.” – Caroline Wozniacki, professional tennis player